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NOTE: Cost may subject to change after final re-weight process at KLIA facility, Shipment charges are calculated according to the HIGHER of ACTUAL or VOLUMETRIC WEIGHT Per Piece and any piece will be re-weighed and re-measured by UPS to confirm this calculation. Subsequently, a recharge will be executed 1 - 3 working days if the measurement provided by sender is not accurate.

If the payment is not received, the items will be on hold at our destination check-point. Important Notice: 1. Items to be packed accordingly, at the satisfaction of the sender 2. Kindly check with local authorities / customs (destination to be couriered) if your items are acceptable into the country. 3. We are not held responsible / liable if the items are kept on hold by the respective customs, as the receiver has to contact local UPS No, for clarification on the matter. 4. Different country has different customs regulations & it changes without prior notice.